Be part of Imagine and help build a better world

It would be a pleasure to join the team of Imagina collaborators, learn more about how you can help and make a child happy

Give Time

Many children do not have the necessary conditions at home to do their homework adequately: they do not have access to the Internet, don not have any support from an adult and many times lack materials, etc.

Their house or familiar environment do not allow them to develop their academic abilities, such as reading and writing, sports, artistic, and social skills. That is the reason why we ask you to donate your time every week. Regardless of your profession or if you are retired, we ask you to spend at least one hour every week supporting the children on their homework and in the strengthening of their abilities.

We do not want help only from the experts in education.  Just the act of reading a book to a child is a life changing experience for them.

Give Resources

Because we work with vulnerable communities, there are many needs from the children and their families: pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, textbooks, markers etc.  In our headquarters, we also have the “basket of solidarity” and we received non-perishable food to share among the families in need.

Give Money

Every penny received is exclusively destined to the educational, extracurricular, athletic, and musical programs that we support in Imagina. In our website, you can see the yearly financial reports.

We work hard to be up to date with our financial obligations. The government of the state of Quindío regulates us and we are registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Armenia (Quindío)

Give Education

The majority of young people that finish high school in vulnerable neighborhoods where we work can’t go to a public university because they don’t have money to pay for their tuition.  That is the reason why we ask you to sponsor a college student with the semester tuition.

Give Sports

For children, soccer is a sport that helps them grow physically healthy, teaches them to be disciplined, to work as a team and to develop goals in life. We have three soccer teams divided by age: from 6 to 9, 10 to 13, and 14 and up. We receive used cleats, soccer balls, equipment for practice and, if possible, a sponsor for their uniforms.

Give Music

It has been our primary goal to initiate a basic music school with the goal of teaching them the basic elements of music. For children, we offer flute and guitar lessons. We also have a small choir where children get voice education and performance techniques. We receive donations of used instruments in good shape and any donation to sponsor equipment needed and uniforms.

Let’s Work Together!!

In Imagina we know that to generate new social paradigms, we need to work together: The government, society, labor unions, social organizations, companies, individuals, families, schools, etc. We are always searching for new partnerships and to learn from others. We are ready to hear suggestion or ideas that will help us improve the quality of life of the boys and girls, adolescents, and their families.